Nokia’s new phone is providing a very different perspective.   Nokia’s latest release, Nokia 8, recently hit stores worldwide and its primary feature is out to change the selfie world forever. No longer content with showing just one perspective, the Nokia 8’s rear and front-facing cameras have
Tesla is raising the bar, and the roof, with their new Solar Roof.   This month, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, announced that the organisation’s Solar Roof is officially on the market, with his home being the first working prototype. Electricity prices have been rising steadily since 2015
Patricia Santoso’s Work Illuminates the Human Experience   You feel in the moment when you soak in a Patricia Santoso’s artwork. It is playful, spirited, and soulful. Many of the pieces present themselves with a level of levity; the splashes of luminescent blues, pops of pinks, and

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